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Hiplin and Sunfish lol omg

this is probably one of the best gift art I’ve ever received

omg Haru I can’t get over this still it’S SO CUTE


sun likes lolis °٢°


Mabinogi Party Playing: Waltz of Destiny (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)

thanks to lelou and candymew for helping!!!!! :D

julhipette's famous collection of striped marlins and my growing love for sunfishes

Just slapped them on the original “gay derps” : [x]

(these are transparent too)

Posted: 1 day ago

I have a growing sunfish collection in my bank /o/ biggest vs. smallest of all

Posted: 1 day ago


i became a loli

Posted: 1 day ago
Anonymous says: Ur anaconda don't want none unless its suns buns hun


you got it !!!!

Oh. my. gosh.

Idk why I prefer using Yokori as a model for expression practice rather than Sun. I guess just cuz their personalities are really opposite of each other.


this is winner of 2014 KR mabinogi costume design competition.


sun is jealous