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might as well share this here too ;_;

Anonymous says: how did you get the who had fun in the sun title? sorry ;u,

It was a title you got if you logged on yesterday during the hottime that came with the HUGE bag too. If you logged on/relogged during that time, you should have it.

Posted: 1 day ago



hiding in the shadows pt 4

sun: r u ok


sung lives life on the edge

I’m the type of person who feels extremely guilty and helpless when I don’t need to be.

I’m sorry.

You make me happy

'Cause we're both so gay

I feel frustrated at myself for no reason, or at least I don’t think I have a reason to be.

I don’t know.

I just want tomorrow to be a good day.


sung and i fishing as fuck right now

I figured I should post a collection of all the pictures I made for Mabi Summer Fest ;v; it’s not too many, but it does make the post really long so, feel free to look under the cut!

I also linked to the posts that they were used in. I didn’t draw for every response, especially for the first half of the event (due to a lot going on and wanting to get posts done in time, so I didn’t want to waste time trying to draw for everything). If you’re really curious/was not part of it/have too much time on your hands to read everything, you can go here.

This was a really awesome RP experience for being the first event I participated in. The hosts did great, and of course all participants too.

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